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Providing Arborist Tree Services to Clients in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and All of South Florida

Planning a construction project is a major undertaking. You’ll need to prepare the land to make sure it’s ready to build on, as well as get any permits necessary to do so. If the land has trees on it, then you may need to get permits to get them removed—or, alternatively, you may want to figure out a way to preserve them and work them into the project. We can provide arborist tree services to clients throughout Fort Lauderdale, FL, and all of South Florida to help with this task.

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Our arborist tree services are designed to help you make sure you have the information you need for different permits—for example, permits to remove a tree or make other changes. We will visit the site and carefully examine the trees that are already there. From there, we’ll identify the different tree species, record the dimensions of each tree, note critical root zones, and take note of any potential health concerns. In addition, we’ll help determine how the trees will fit within building plans and provide you with advice on how to preserve the tree. Our services will be delivered in a timely fashion and will be entirely customized to your unique needs.

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Our arborist reports will contain things such as:

  • The scientific and common names of any trees on the property.
  • The condition of the tree.
  • Tree preservation guidelines.
  • Photos of the tree.
  • Notes on anything else that seems to be important.

Reach out to us for an arborist inspection. We can provide arborist consulting services to clients throughout Fort Lauderdale, FL, and all of South Florida.

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