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We can provide you with the tree survey you need to get any necessary building permits. We’ll provide you with timely surveys and answer any questions you might have.

Get a Tree Survey from a Professional Near Fort Lauderdale, FL, and All of South Florida

When planning a construction project, there’s a chance that you’ll need to have any trees on the property surveyed before you’re allowed to start digging up the ground. At Patrick Hannah, Certified Arborist®, we’re prepared to provide you with timely and knowledgeable assistance. Our tree inspectors can serve clients throughout Fort Lauderdale, FL, and all of South Florida, helping them get the tree location surveys they need to start their construction projects.

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Timely Tree Surveys

Our tree inspectors can carefully survey your property and make note of the exact locations of any trees on it. We’ll utilize a tree matrix to mark the positions of trees and note everything on a site survey. This arborist survey, in turn, can be used with your building plans in order to obtain any necessary permits.

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Our tree consultancy services can be completed in a timely fashion. We are incredibly knowledgeable and will use that to make sure you get an accurate tree survey and answer any potential questions. We can serve clients throughout Fort Lauderdale, FL, and all of South Florida; consider reaching out to learn more.

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